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Anemone Arms by Snowden

God, I love this band. They’re from Atlanta and they are lovely.

Mountain Lion has released their new album!

You’ll remember Plains and Wildwood from the band’s last EP, but they’ve been remastered for your listening pleasure. You’ll also notice three brand new tracks that are just beautiful.

You can stream it or name your price for it on Bandcamp. It’s lovely!

Last of Our Kind by Nigredo

Out Tonight by BIG TENT

BIG TENT is a sweet indie-pop band from Atlanta. The band’s eight members combine layered harmonies, woozy guitars, vintage keyboards and cinematic dynamics to bring you a dense, reverberant sound that’s both intense and uplifting. The band’s wall-of-sound technique pays homage to Phil Spector, The Beach Boys, and early George Harrison with a modern twist.

They’ve recently been added to RadioReddit so you can stream, download, and upvote to show your love. And they have a full-length album coming out early next year! (Don’t worry, we’ll keep you posted.)

Take & Tell by Sweet Heathens

Sweet Heathens is a punk rock band from Woodstock, Georgia. They recorded their entire full-length album, “Selling Cars”, completely independently over the last year. With 13 original and quite catchy songs, the band has produced a timeless debut that is unique and respectable. Mad props, Sweet Heathens!

Interesting fact: The lead singer, Lizzi Lizard, is only 16 years old!

Show note: Sweet Heathens will be playing an acoustic at The Copper Coin in Woodstock on October 19th at 8pm. Be sure to get out there and enjoy some coffee and some sweet tunage.

Haywood Heartache by Brother Hawk

Brother Hawk, from Atlanta, is an experimental bluesy-rock band that soothes the soul and excites the aural senses. Along with a wonderfully sensual lead singer, they’ve got a fantastic guitarist who really breaks it down in this song. Haywood Heartache is a preview of Brother Hawk’s next LP and it certainly has us sitting on pins and needles for the upcoming release, “Affairs of Plain Living”.

You can purchase Brother Hawk’s debut EP, “Love Songs”, for only $5 on Bandcamp (worth it!).

Muscle Memory by Phossy Jaw

I’m really excited to let you know that Phossy Jaw has some shows coming up!

August 17th at The 51 (Elliott St Pub and Deli) at 8pm

August 26 at Nophest at Joe’s at 5pm

September 17th at Smith’s Olde Bar at 8pm

Schroeder von Lischka is an electronica producer from Atlanta, playing a few times a month at venues all around the city. He has 23 CD’s worth of mixes that vary drastically across a huge range of different genres, pulling in everything from the most obscure electronica producers to the most popular pop and rock tracks - all free to stream and download from his website.

He’s recently joined illuma Records and released a collaborative effort called “Breaking Up With Molly” with the label’s producers and rapper SKiTzo. It’s available for download on iTunes and includes a couple of remixes.

Show note: Schroeder will be playing at the QUAD on September 16th and 21st. Details are to be announced, but we’ll keep you updated.

Interesting fact: Schroeder has experienced synesthesia since birth. His auditory input is also interpreted by his brain visually as color and mentally as emotion, which leads to him being selective in the music he listens to and creates. It also prevents him from listening to music in the car because it’s distracting enough to be a safety hazard.

I saw Marshall Trotter at the Drunken Unicorn a couple of weeks ago opening for Faithless Town and Little Horn. His quirkiness was incredibly endearing and his lo-fi music is visceral; he did a lot of work on stage all by himself, a one-man-band if you will.

His upcoming album, “Oak Customs”, will be released in December on Golden Chow Records, but a pre-release version is available to stream right now on Bandcamp. Some of his previous releases are available for free on Bandcamp as well.

Free Bit: We’ve been given permission to offer you a free download from the upcoming album, so you can grab “Autumn’s Display” for free here.

This is going to be awesome and your favorite bands will be performing so get out there and show your love!